The End of Everything (Day 1)

The End of Everything (Day 1) is the second piece in the current series that is both on a smaller footprint (11” x 11”) and does not include a human figure. The piece was completed in the Fall of 2011.

When I was very young, somewhere around 1976, my parents let me watch the original Planet of the Apes movie. I was instantly fascinated by the special effects and the odd setting and to this day it remains one of my all time favorite films.

The final minute of the original film is one of my all-time favorite movie moments. In this classic scene, Charlton Heston, who has ridden out along the coastline of The Forbidden Zone, sinks to his knees in front of the charred and twisted remains of the Statue of Liberty which is now half buried in the sand. It is within this brief yet poignant moment that his character realizes that he is not on some foreign planet but is in fact back on Earth, thousands of years after some unnamed apocalyptic event.

What does this brief bit of film history have to do with The End of Everything (Day 1)? Probably not a whole lot but some of the sentiments are perhaps related, particularly the concept that the end of one event, period, or era often seamlessly blends into the beginning of another. Sometimes the transition is gradual and sometimes is can be quite sharp or sudden.

I believe that tragedy creates defining moments in our existence that cleave our personal histories into distinct before and after segments. Time does not stop to grieve these moments. The world continues to turn and the seasons come and go.

Damned dirty apes.


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