Mother’s Restless Slumber

For a while I have been wanting to explore a piece that was somehow able to mimic an “ant-farm” style composition. I found a 9”x12” shadowbox frame in the bargain bin at Michael’s and it seemed like the perfect format. This is also the first time I have sculpted additions or alterations to the figures. I have Frankensteined parts from different figures before but this time I sculpted the heads out of “green-stuff” modeling epoxy.  The “Mother” figure, in her subterranean lair, is made out of polymer clay over an aluminum foil armature.Image

 I think the underlying narrative of the piece centres around the idea that the world below our feet is in a constant state of restless slumber. I think it is often easy to convince ourselves that we are standing on solid ground, both literally and figuratively. In reality, our perceived foundation may be quite fragile or shifting. Our ritualized attempts to control, or at least placate these restless forces is perhaps the focus of this piece.


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